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Sauda is an international singer and songwriter based in Atlanta, Georgia, and she’s coming out with her second album ...and then came Sauda. 


...and then came Sauda is the tale of a personal journey and quest for inner peace and love, a musical body of delicate self-disclosure that aims for the heart. 

Born in Portland, Oregon to the sounds of Stevie Wonder’s «Isn’t She Lovely» on the radio, Sauda will forever be influenced by her upbringing in Liberia, West Africa.  Today her music feeds of pop, reggae, rock and African sounds to give a unique and personable touch to her sound. Sauda lives in Atlanta, Georgia, since 1997 and released her debut album Growin' Pains in 2005. 


Since then she has performed with New Kids on the Block, Slick & Rose (now defunct), Heston and many other jazz, pop and R&B greats. In December 2009 she launched her first tour and performed in 15 U.S. cities. 


Sauda will be on the road soon to sing her new songs and bring her shining presence on stage. Her contagious smile and sensible voice may already have carried you through her great cover songs on Facebook Live. So don’t miss her when she knocks on the door of your city.  



New Album  - And then Came Sauda released soon



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